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TVXQ community

Tired of fantards? Well, yeah, so are we.
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Tired of fantards? Well, yeah, so are we.

Welcome to tvxqcomm. This might seem a bit elitist to you, but trust us, it's well warranted. If you're whining about it, you're one of the ones we're hoping to keep out.

The Rules.

1. Don't be a douche. We don't have a strike system. If all you're going to be doing is fangirling over Jaejoong's sexy lips or Yunho's wonder woman thighs, we highly suggest that you get the fuck out now.

2. Use tags. Yes, they're a bit crazy, but while this is a more mature community, we do like to have our fun.

3a. When joining, please be patient. If you aren't a dickwad, we'll accept you. However, if dickwadding occurs, you will be banned from the community.

3b. Please behave. We don't like wank. If all you are is a shit-stirrer, please see rule number one.

4. When posting news or other things that may have a source, do your best to link to it. We all like to give credit where its due.

5. Keep everything locked. We're serious about this one. We'll delete posts if you neglect to lock something. Entries are defaulted to members only. Don't change this after posting.

More to come when we think of them.

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